Why is it that we’re always looking ahead? Tomorrow. Next week. Next month. Next year. It’s like we’re always pushing, hoping, striving, doing. Climbing mountain after mountain. These are good things. That’s life, really. There is much to be said about the importance of being future-oriented and future-driven, about building and working hard.

No, I mean looking ahead in the sense of being destination driven. From destination to destination, but rarely ever acknowledging the every day moments, the details, and beautiful simplicity of the journey itself. It’s a gift. Every day, every moment, every second on this path of life. Every valley is different, every hill, every hardship is a chance to dive even deeper into murky depths of the lake of sanctification & come out, heart pounding, lungs screaming, but with a softer heart & a sounder mind.

Destinations are beautiful too. Every new mountain climbed has its own breathtaking view. But how we learn, & how we grow, that’s very much tied to the journey. To the path, to all the valleys, to all the pain, & to all the simple joys.

Don’t waste that. Redeem your time.


on virtue


I have often found in my own life, that the more you try to impress people, the more you end up discrediting yourself. Don’t pridefully flaunt something that doesn’t need to be flaunted. If something is good & true & virtuous & beautiful & right, it will speak for itself. But even more so, it will rise up where everyone can see it & where it cannot be ignored, no matter how hard others may try to discredit its existence.