hello again

sun rise-2

sun rise-1

“Hello again, you’ve been alone awhile & I can use a friend.”
scorpions. //

Words are meant to be used & reused, pondered upon; they’re meant to be woven together into intricate patterns. When utilized properly, they stir up your soul & awaken you to your calling. Sometimes they sting, but then again, so does T R U T H. And truth isn’t meant to stay silent.

Here’s to truth. Here’s to L I G H T & L E G A C Y. Here’s to something new.

— ED. //

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  1. i’m so excited for your new blog! the name is lovely.
    (by the way, for some reason when i clicked on the link that you left in your most recent post, it didn’t work…perhaps it was my laptop? just thought I’d let you know!)

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