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Hey l o v e, the S U N still shines. And if you were ever certain of anything, be certain of this: it will always be there, every morning, no matter the darkness of night, season in & season out. Ever constant. Perhaps not always direct, not always in plain sight, but ever constant. Why? Because of the unattainable D E P T H S of something called G R A C E.

And l o v e, if you were to ever ask for anything, ask for this: that you would always remember the immeasurable S A C R I F I C E & the irresistible G R A C E that brought you here.

And l o v e, if you were ever to cry over something, cry over this: the humble realization that you would still be walking in darkness, had not the L I G H T brought you down to your knees in repentance.

If you were to ever remember anything, l o v e; I pray that you would R E M E M B E R this. //

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  1. I think that it is so incredible how God can gift one small, weak, human being with the power of words, which can transform the world. I didn’t know how much my heart needed this until I read it just now. <3

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